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Anne Gainey

Expertise - Anesthesiology

"In my work as an Anesthesia Nurse, I've witnessed the profound impact of compassionate healthcare. As a Freelance Writer, I aspire to bridge the gap between clinical knowledge and public understanding, empowering readers with accurate, accessible insights into the world of anesthesia and patient care. "


Anne C. Gainey, a skilled Anesthesia Nurse at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) since 2018, blends clinical prowess with a passion for communication. Her role involves administering anesthesia, ensuring patient well-being, and staying abreast of cutting-edge practices. Concurrently, as a Freelance Writer, Anne leverages her University of Pennsylvania – School of Nursing education to create compelling, accessible healthcare content. Her commitment to bridging the gap between medical expertise and public understanding is evident in her informative contributions, showcasing a dedication to both clinical excellence and effective health communication.


University of Pennsylvania – School of Nursing (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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