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Margaret L. Williams

Dr. Margaret Williams

Expertise - Dentistry, Orthodontics

"I find gratification in the blend of creativity and precision that orthodontics offers, merging artistry with scientific principles. My passion lies in sculpting beautiful smiles by harmonizing aesthetic vision with optimal dental alignment. Since embarking on my journey as an orthodontist in 1999, I've remained dedicated to continual learning and growth within my profession, cherishing every opportunity to expand my knowledge and expertise."


Dr. Margaret L. Williams is a skilled dentist at Great Smiles California, with a tenure dating back to 2014. Holding a Master’s Degree and Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Connecticut, she possesses extensive experience and expertise in the field. Dr. Williams is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care and orthodontic treatments, ensuring her patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles with confidence and comfort.


University of Connecticut, Master’s Degree and Certificate in Orthodontics

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